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Doctors, Nutritionists and others tell you WHAT

you should be eating to improve your health.

WE show you HOW to do it and make it DELICIOUS!



NOW is the time to learn about how you can eat healthier and avoid foods that may damage your immune system and overall Health & Wellness!  Learn how to utilize available healthy and nutritious foods to revitalize your health, energy levels and overall quality of life!  Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without breaking the bank!  Yes, it can be very cost effective and even cheaper to prepare your meals with Whole Plant Based Foods.



Delicious Healthier Cuisine


Delicious Healthy Meals


We often hear that a plant based lifestyle, as recommended for both prevention and reversal of many diseases is so hard because the food doesn't taste good. That could NOT be further from the truth. It all depends on What you Eat, how your prepare it and what you like.  There is nothing about a plant based food that cannot be delicious; the fact that it is actually good for you is a wonderful benefit!


Then there is the cost factor. We estimate, in general, an overall savings of about 30% on your monthly grocery bill! Not too bad if you want to save money as well as your life! Try it, what have you got to loose, besides some unwanted poundage, cholesterol, clogged arteries and lethargy?


Let Us Help YOU!


We offer Lifestyle Training and assistance to help guide you to a healthier, Longer and more Vital Life!  We want You to live a longer, but more vibrant and aware LIFE.  Really, it IS pretty easy once you understand that this is NOT a diet but a lifestyle change that both energizes and helps prevent disease.  In many/most cases it can Reverse disease and help you get off most/all medications.  


Positive Results Quickly Achieved

Eating Delicious FOOD

Moving towards a more healthy living lifestyle with a plant based lifestyle and nutrition, you will notice amazing effects on your total wellbeing!  Not everyone will want to become a pure nutritional vegan or stay on a strict plant based diet, but as you approach this and begin to eliminate dairy, meat, fish and eggs and animal based products and bi-products, you won't help but want to continue.


You WILL feel better after a few short days/weeks and after a month or more, you will be amazed!  As you add one day at a time with your Plant Based Lifestyle, you will notice significant changes in your body, mind and spirit!  And it really is SO easy to enjoy delicious Plant Based Cuisine!


What are these changes?  Well they are all encompassing because they will transform you.  What to expect:



One of the first thing you will notice is you will become more regular; more than you have ever been!  With the high fiber and intense nutrition found in your plant based meals, your body will begin to cleanse itself of years (maybe decades) of toxins you have absorbed into your cells.






So many Americans are constantly taking pills or supplements for indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn and other digestive irregularities.  You will, almost immediately, discover you do NOT need all these pills.  Your body will digest your food and extract nutrients naturally and efficiently from your plant based foods.  Those symptoms will just fade away into a distant memory!





More energy!  You will begin to feel energized!  Both physically and mentally.  Your body will begin to respond almost immediately to your dietary change.  You will find that you have an increased mental acuity and ability to focus.  Your creativity will increase as will your desire to DO more things!






Weight Loss!  If you are over weight as most Americans are today, you will begin to shed those unwanted pounds, WITHOUT counting calories!  Your body will begin to normalize itself, shed unneeded fat storage as you feed a balanced food supply to your body.  [If you are one of the rare ones who need to gain weight as some children do, you will gain weight in accordance to your body's balance.]






In approximately two weeks, you may notice that your blood pressure begins to lower.  If you are hypertensive, the symptoms and high blood pressure readings may quickly move to a more normal range!  This may necessitate you contacting and/or visiting your doctor to reduce your medication or eliminate it all together.  Eventually you may cease to require artificial blood pressure medications as your body begins to self-regulate naturally.






You may see your blood sugar levels reduce to normal quickly!  If your blood sugar is typically high (pre-diabetes 2) or you have diabetes 2, this whole food vegan approach may help reverse the problem in approximately 30 days.  If you suffer from this problem, an initial focus on more raw plant based nutrition will aid in the quick reversal.  Don't be controlled by medications, YOU control your body!  Naturally, contact your doctore before beginning such a dietary change.






If you have high cholesterol, your readings may start to noticeably drop in about three weeks; significantly!  In some cases, those with excessively high total cholesterol may see dramatic plunges in readings of 50 points or more.  Plus, the HDL increases and the LDL falls more abruptly so your ratios dramatically improve.  Again, if you are on cholesterol reducing medications (especially steroids), contact your doctor for an updated blood test after about three weeks; you may no longer need the meds!







Yes, I did say LOWER grocery bills!  A lot depends on how you approach plant based foods.  If you balance the foods you eat, mixing greens, vegetables, rice, beans, legumes and fruit, you WILL see a reduction.  If however you decide to purchase more 'prepared' vegan foods, you could see an increase in your food budget.  We recommend a balance with a focus on natural whole foods; using the prepared/packaged foods as your 'fast food' meals and in moderation.






Eating balanced plant based meals you will never be hungry.  Because you eat until you are FULL, not counting calories, you never leave the table hungry.  The nice thing is that this fullness will stay with you, eliminating the bad junk food snacking habits.  You may not even realize it is happening, but it WILL!






As your body adjusts to it's new food balance, you may soon realize that you don't have the 'allergies' that you once did.  You may not even get sick!  Not as often anyway.  When people at the office have the sniffles, flu, colds etc. they will be amazed that you never seem to get sick!  Tell them your secret; I eat strictly Plant Based Foods and maintain a whole body wellness that helps me stay healthy!





Lifestyle Disease

If you suffer from Hypertension (high blood pressure), Cancer, Diabetes 2 or auto-immune disease and many others, changing to Plant Based Nutrition may often stop the progression or fully reverse/cure the disease.  Hard to believe, but we can show you the scientific evidence, peer review journals, double-blind tests and labratory results.  Just too much to show here!




Beginning a Healthy Lifestyle

Blood Work

It is important before you begin any significant dietary change that you have a physical check up with your doctor. Blood work should include:



Full CBC (Complete Blood Count)

Full Lipid Panel:

Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Ratios

Triglyceride levels,

Blood Glucose (preferable fasting level)

Vitamin B12 and D3 (25 OH)

CRP level (C-Reactive Protein) a marker of inflammation in the body.


A Whole Foods Plant-Based Lifestyle includes a powerful diet. These test will help enable you and your doctor to track your progress towards a healthier lifestyle. If you are on any medications, your doctor will need to monitor your medications as this Lifestyle approach often reduces or eliminates the need for many currently prescribed medications.


First Steps


Cleaning out our pantry - Eliminating unhealthy food choices (high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, unhealthy additives) is key to beginning a healthier lifestyle.


Understanding food labels Learning the meaning of food labeling and avoiding overly processed foods (saturated fats, high sodium, sugar, GMO ingredients (soy, corn, cottonseed and corn oils), additives and soda consumption).


Grocery Shopping learning to navigate around your grocery stores for choosing healthier food options.


Importance of hydration  Drinking sufficient water to maintain your hydration levels. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.


Importance of exercise  Moderate exercise (30 minutes a day) is key in maintaining healthy circulation of bodily fluids. Walking and other exercises can be fun and easy.


How to begin Introduction into the foods groups that make up a plant-based diet. Whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts and seeds.


Second Steps - Overcoming Lifestyle Change Challenges


Mindful Eating and Food Addictions explained.


Fear of Change


Fear of the unknown.

Fear of eating differently then your peers.

Temptations of unhealthy food choices.


Divided Kitchens When your partner/spouse or other family member chooses to not change their diet.


Holiday Traditions How to maintain your new Lifestyle during the Holidays.


Eating out Dining with friends and at restaurants


Benefits of a Plant Based Diet


A Whole Foods Plant Based diet is low in fat, has zero cholesterol and is high in fiber as well as being nutrient dense which provides us with substantial amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals throughout our day and renewed energy and less fatigue that so many people are experiencing today. Scientific studies have shown that a plant-based diet may lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and benefit in weight loss (if needed), improved elimination, improved sleep and improved immune system, which leads to a healthier, more vital life and one which often prevents common disease.


Cooking and Meal Planning Demo


We would provide six to eight plant based dishes that would include samplings of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees. This would provide employees with meal options when working various shifts. An early morning shift worker might prefer something more breakfast-like, an afternoon shift something more lunch-like and evening shifts something more dinner like. During the cooking demonstrations we will interact with employees and answer any questions they may have regarding a Plant Based lifestyle. My husband Skip Stein, is my assistant and works with me as needed. Recipes will be provided for employees to take home along with educational material to help encourage them to consume more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.


It is not uncommon to have silent employees struggling with health issues or whom may have a family member struggling with health issues and would find having reading material to take home to their advantage. We could help prepare a literature rack to be located in break-rooms with health educational information. Employees could take copies relating to different health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight loss etc. and how lifestyle changes can benefit them when dealing with these lifestyle ailments.


Senior health is also important and a major healthcare cost for companies. We would like to reach out to the corporate  retirees as well. We could work with the company to prepare a cooking video series focuses on Plant Based recipes. A monthly newsletter showcasing Plant Based nutrition and it's impact on Heart Disease, Adult Onset Diabetes and other lifestyle diseases to be featured each month and so on.


Time and Cost


The corporate investment with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living would be based upon total number of participants, time provided, plus expenses. Without any knowledge of the corporate budget for a program like this, it would be difficult for us to asses the magnitude of a program until we have a firm plan in mind and can move forward.


We are excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise on plant based lifestyle and nutrition. It is my sincere desire to work with your company Wellness Program and to help employees and retirees move forward and gain control of their health and well being with the addition of my services. Seeing is believing, if it looks good and it smells good and it tastes good and of course easy to prepare, more people will be willing to embrace a plant based lifestyle to improved health and longevity.



Nancy A. Stein

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living


We Educate and Motivate


My Promise to you - “With each course you select, you will be able to pick and choose from many cookbooks on the market. Whether it be Vegan, Raw or Macrobiotic you will learn to understand the principle ingredients and preparations necessary for that variety of meal. You will learn to create 'Delicious 5-Star' recipes for your Family and Friends.”

Chef Nancy

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Foundation through Cornell University