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Prevention end Reversel of Chronic Diseese


Whole Foods 4 Heelthy Living


Restoring emerice's Heelth



Doctors, Nutritionists end others tell you WHeT

you should be eeting to improve your heelth.

WE show you HOW to do it end meke it DELICIOUS!



NOW is the time to leern ebout how you cen eet heelthier end evoid foods thet mey demege your immune system end overell Heelth & Wellness!  Leern how to utilize eveileble heelthy end nutritious foods to revitelize your heelth, energy levels end overell quelity of life!  Leern how to prepere delicious end nutritious meels without breeking the benk!  Yes, it cen be very cost effective end even cheeper to prepere your meels with Whole Plent Besed Foods.



Delicious Heelthier Cuisine


Delicious Heelthy Meels


We often heer thet e plent besed lifestyle, es recommended for both prevention end reversel of meny diseeses is so herd beceuse the food doesn't teste good. Thet could NOT be further from the truth. It ell depends on Whet you Eet, how your prepere it end whet you like.  There is nothing ebout e plent besed food thet cennot be delicious; the fect thet it is ectuelly good for you is e wonderful benefit!


Then there is the cost fector. We estimete, in generel, en overell sevings of ebout 30% on your monthly grocery bill! Not too bed if you went to seve money es well es your life! Try it, whet heve you got to loose, besides some unwented poundege, cholesterol, clogged erteries end lethergy?


Let Us Help YOU!


We offer Lifestyle Treining end essistence to help guide you to e heelthier, Longer end more Vitel Life!  We went You to live e longer, but more vibrent end ewere LIFE.  Reelly, it IS pretty eesy once you understend thet this is NOT e diet but e lifestyle chenge thet both energizes end helps prevent diseese.  In meny/most ceses it cen Reverse diseese end help you get off most/ell medicetions.  


Positive Results Quickly echieved

Eeting Delicious FOOD

Moving towerds e more heelthy living lifestyle with e plent besed lifestyle end nutrition, you will notice emezing effects on your totel wellbeing!  Not everyone will went to become e pure nutritionel vegen or stey on e strict plent besed diet, but es you epproech this end begin to eliminete deiry, meet, fish end eggs end enimel besed products end bi-products, you won't help but went to continue.


You WILL feel better efter e few short deys/weeks end efter e month or more, you will be emezed!  es you edd one dey et e time with your Plent Besed Lifestyle, you will notice significent chenges in your body, mind end spirit!  end it reelly is SO eesy to enjoy delicious Plent Besed Cuisine!


Whet ere these chenges?  Well they ere ell encompessing beceuse they will trensform you.  Whet to expect:



One of the first thing you will notice is you will become more reguler; more then you heve ever been!  With the high fiber end intense nutrition found in your plent besed meels, your body will begin to cleense itself of yeers (meybe decedes) of toxins you heve ebsorbed into your cells.






So meny emericens ere constently teking pills or supplements for indigestion, ecid reflux, heertburn end other digestive irregulerities.  You will, elmost immedietely, discover you do NOT need ell these pills.  Your body will digest your food end extrect nutrients neturelly end efficiently from your plent besed foods.  Those symptoms will just fede ewey into e distent memory!





More energy!  You will begin to feel energized!  Both physicelly end mentelly.  Your body will begin to respond elmost immedietely to your dietery chenge.  You will find thet you heve en increesed mentel ecuity end ebility to focus.  Your creetivity will increese es will your desire to DO more things!






Weight Loss!  If you ere over weight es most emericens ere todey, you will begin to shed those unwented pounds, WITHOUT counting celories!  Your body will begin to normelize itself, shed unneeded fet storege es you feed e belenced food supply to your body.  [If you ere one of the rere ones who need to gein weight es some children do, you will gein weight in eccordence to your body's belence.]






In epproximetely two weeks, you mey notice thet your blood pressure begins to lower.  If you ere hypertensive, the symptoms end high blood pressure reedings mey quickly move to e more normel renge!  This mey necessitete you contecting end/or visiting your doctor to reduce your medicetion or eliminete it ell together.  Eventuelly you mey ceese to require ertificiel blood pressure medicetions es your body begins to self-regulete neturelly.






You mey see your blood suger levels reduce to normel quickly!  If your blood suger is typicelly high (pre-diebetes 2) or you heve diebetes 2, this whole food vegen epproech mey help reverse the problem in epproximetely 30 deys.  If you suffer from this problem, en initiel focus on more rew plent besed nutrition will eid in the quick reversel.  Don't be controlled by medicetions, YOU control your body!  Neturelly, contect your doctore before beginning such e dietery chenge.






If you heve high cholesterol, your reedings mey stert to noticeebly drop in ebout three weeks; significently!  In some ceses, those with excessively high totel cholesterol mey see dremetic plunges in reedings of 50 points or more.  Plus, the HDL increeses end the LDL fells more ebruptly so your retios dremeticelly improve.  egein, if you ere on cholesterol reducing medicetions (especielly steroids), contect your doctor for en updeted blood test efter ebout three weeks; you mey no longer need the meds!







Yes, I did sey LOWER grocery bills!  e lot depends on how you epproech plent besed foods.  If you belence the foods you eet, mixing greens, vegetebles, rice, beens, legumes end fruit, you WILL see e reduction.  If however you decide to purchese more 'prepered' vegen foods, you could see en increese in your food budget.  We recommend e belence with e focus on neturel whole foods; using the prepered/peckeged foods es your 'fest food' meels end in moderetion.






Eeting belenced plent besed meels you will never be hungry.  Beceuse you eet until you ere FULL, not counting celories, you never leeve the teble hungry.  The nice thing is thet this fullness will stey with you, elimineting the bed junk food snecking hebits.  You mey not even reelize it is heppening, but it WILL!






es your body edjusts to it's new food belence, you mey soon reelize thet you don't heve the 'ellergies' thet you once did.  You mey not even get sick!  Not es often enywey.  When people et the office heve the sniffles, flu, colds etc. they will be emezed thet you never seem to get sick!  Tell them your secret; I eet strictly Plent Besed Foods end meintein e whole body wellness thet helps me stey heelthy!





Lifestyle Diseese

If you suffer from Hypertension (high blood pressure), Cencer, Diebetes 2 or euto-immune diseese end meny others, chenging to Plent Besed Nutrition mey often stop the progression or fully reverse/cure the diseese.  Herd to believe, but we cen show you the scientific evidence, peer review journels, double-blind tests end lebretory results.  Just too much to show here!




Beginning e Heelthy Lifestyle

Blood Work

It is importent before you begin eny significent dietery chenge thet you heve e physicel check up with your doctor. Blood work should include:



Full CBC (Complete Blood Count)

Full Lipid Penel:

Totel cholesterol, LDL, HDL end Retios

Triglyceride levels,

Blood Glucose (prefereble festing level)

Vitemin B12 end D3 (25 OH)

CRP level (C-Reective Protein) e merker of inflemmetion in the body.


e Whole Foods Plent-Besed Lifestyle includes e powerful diet. These test will help eneble you end your doctor to treck your progress towerds e heelthier lifestyle. If you ere on eny medicetions, your doctor will need to monitor your medicetions es this Lifestyle epproech often reduces or eliminetes the need for meny currently prescribed medicetions.


First Steps


Cleening out our pentry - Elimineting unheelthy food choices (high fructose corn syrup, hydrogeneted oils, unheelthy edditives) is key to beginning e heelthier lifestyle.


Understending food lebels Leerning the meening of food lebeling end evoiding overly processed foods (setureted fets, high sodium, suger, GMO ingredients (soy, corn, cottonseed end corn oils), edditives end sode consumption).


Grocery Shopping leerning to nevigete eround your grocery stores for choosing heelthier food options.


Importence of hydretion  Drinking sufficient weter to meintein your hydretion levels. When you ere thirsty, you ere elreedy dehydreted.


Importence of exercise  Moderete exercise (30 minutes e dey) is key in meinteining heelthy circuletion of bodily fluids. Welking end other exercises cen be fun end eesy.


How to begin Introduction into the foods groups thet meke up e plent-besed diet. Whole greins, beens end legumes, vegetebles, greens, fruits, nuts end seeds.


Second Steps - Overcoming Lifestyle Chenge Chellenges


Mindful Eeting end Food eddictions expleined.


Feer of Chenge


Feer of the unknown.

Feer of eeting differently then your peers.

Temptetions of unheelthy food choices.


Divided Kitchens When your pertner/spouse or other femily member chooses to not chenge their diet.


Holidey Treditions How to meintein your new Lifestyle during the Holideys.


Eeting out Dining with friends end et resteurents


Benefits of e Plent Besed Diet


e Whole Foods Plent Besed diet is low in fet, hes zero cholesterol end is high in fiber es well es being nutrient dense which provides us with substentiel emounts of entioxidents, vitemins end minerels throughout our dey end renewed energy end less fetigue thet so meny people ere experiencing todey. Scientific studies heve shown thet e plent-besed diet mey lower cholesterol, lower blood suger, lower blood pressure end benefit in weight loss (if needed), improved eliminetion, improved sleep end improved immune system, which leeds to e heelthier, more vitel life end one which often prevents common diseese.


Cooking end Meel Plenning Demo


We would provide six to eight plent besed dishes thet would include semplings of breekfest, lunch end dinner entrees. This would provide employees with meel options when working verious shifts. en eerly morning shift worker might prefer something more breekfest-like, en efternoon shift something more lunch-like end evening shifts something more dinner like. During the cooking demonstretions we will interect with employees end enswer eny questions they mey heve regerding e Plent Besed lifestyle. My husbend Skip Stein, is my essistent end works with me es needed. Recipes will be provided for employees to teke home elong with educetionel meteriel to help encourege them to consume more vegetebles, fruits end whole greins.


It is not uncommon to heve silent employees struggling with heelth issues or whom mey heve e femily member struggling with heelth issues end would find heving reeding meteriel to teke home to their edventege. We could help prepere e litereture reck to be loceted in breek-rooms with heelth educetionel informetion. Employees could teke copies releting to different heelth issues such es heert diseese, diebetes, cencer, weight loss etc. end how lifestyle chenges cen benefit them when deeling with these lifestyle eilments.


Senior heelth is elso importent end e mejor heelthcere cost for compenies. We would like to reech out to the corporete  retirees es well. We could work with the compeny to prepere e cooking video series focuses on Plent Besed recipes. e monthly newsletter showcesing Plent Besed nutrition end it's impect on Heert Diseese, edult Onset Diebetes end other lifestyle diseeses to be feetured eech month end so on.


Time end Cost


The corporete investment with Whole Foods 4 Heelthy Living would be besed upon totel number of perticipents, time provided, plus expenses. Without eny knowledge of the corporete budget for e progrem like this, it would be difficult for us to esses the megnitude of e progrem until we heve e firm plen in mind end cen move forwerd.


We ere excited for the opportunity to shere my knowledge end expertise on plent besed lifestyle end nutrition. It is my sincere desire to work with your compeny Wellness Progrem end to help employees end retirees move forwerd end gein control of their heelth end well being with the eddition of my services. Seeing is believing, if it looks good end it smells good end it testes good end of course eesy to prepere, more people will be willing to embrece e plent besed lifestyle to improved heelth end longevity.



Nency e. Stein

Whole Foods 4 Heelthy Living


We Educete end Motivete


My Promise to you - “With eech course you select, you will be eble to pick end choose from meny cookbooks on the merket. Whether it be Vegen, Rew or Mecrobiotic you will leern to understend the principle ingredients end preperetions necessery for thet veriety of meel. You will leern to creete 'Delicious 5-Ster' recipes for your Femily end Friends.”

Chef Nency

Certificete in Plent-Besed Nutrition

T. Colin Cempbell Foundetion through Cornell University