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Why Plant-Based?  Why not?  Whole Plant Foods are complete with all their rich natural compliment of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They have not been highly processed nor do they contain synthetic, artificial or irradiated ingredients. They are not genetically modified (non-GMO) to contain pesticide components that have undetermined impacts on the human organism. Whenever possible, Whole Foods for Healthy Living recommends purchasing "organically grown" foods, since they not only promote your health, but also the health of our planet.


Plant-Based Cuisine encompasses more than just avoiding meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  While difficult for many it is pretty darn easy to do these days.  There have been many advances in food preparation techniques and new ingredients not available just a few years ago.  Now, with new kitchen chemistry and techniques, combined with unique combinations of spices, ingredients and textures you can learn how to prepare almost ALL of those delicious meals you have enjoyed all your life.


Sometimes the most elegant solution is the most simple.  Why develop heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes? The epidemic of chronic, degenerative disease that is sweeping the western world can not only be stopped, it can be reversed. The power lies in the hands of the consumer, in the choices we make about what to put on our plates. T. Colin Campbell Foundation.


Meat and dairy are produced by large corporate food systems that inject the animals with an assortment of drugs, growth hormones, antibiotics and so on. The animals are fed a variety of foodstuffs that are not natural to the animals normal/natural condition.  These unnatural foods combined with the drugs and hormones used make meat, fish, dairy and eggs of questionable nutritional value.  The massive amounts of antibiotics used in animal farming plus the over-prescribing of antibiotics by 'doctors' has caused the emergence of SuperBugs that are resistant to use and pose a significant health risk to humans!


The end result of much of this is that we have a plentiful food supply that may not be all that good for us!  Naturally and organically grown whole foods are becoming more plentiful.  This is due to the awakening of the American Consumer and the realization that some of our food supply may in fact be harmful.


As with any other dietary change (if this is a major change for you) let us know of any allergies or food sensitivities and/or health conditions you may have.  We do not offer nutritional advice or medical counseling but help you migrate/evolve/develop your Plant-Based Lifestyle, by learning how to prepare delicious meals with plant-based whole foods.  Please consult your medical professional if this is a dramatic change from your normal lifestyle.


What to Expect with a Plant Based Lifestyle and Diet