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Nancy has posted HUNDREDS of Plant-Based recipes on her Pinterest Boards. 

See her information there for loads of healthy recipes and other information!



Here are just a few of the delicious Plant Based meals that Chef Nancy prepares on a regular basis.


The thing about a Plant-Based is that you do NOT have to suffer or give up ANY of your favorite foods/meals.  You just need to adapt and improvise a bit.  Modern plant based recipes are just amazing and Delicious as well as nutritious.  Sure, many won't believe you but just take a look at a very small sampling of some of the meals we have recently eaten on our Plant Based Cuisine site.


If you have tried a Plant-Based diet or resturant, you will often be served a processed variety of vegan 'meat' or processed vegan 'cheese'.  While these are not that bad now, they used to be pretty awful.  Now, with culinary advancements like those of Chef Nancy and others, we can prepare the most delicious vegan 'meat' and 'cheese' as well as a huge variety of variations on those themes; all producing absolutely Delicious meals!


It really isn't that hard but it does take some work to get used to the idea that you do NOT need meat, dairy, eggs or cheese in your diet to maintain a healthy and invigorating life.


Just like anything that deals with food, it is all in the preparation and presentation.  In order to do that you have to have the tools and equipment required to do it.  Most kitchens have the basics, oven, refrigerator, sink, storage and counter top.  With a more macrobiotic/vegetarian/vegan/raw-food diet, you just don't cook that much, but you DO prepare more.


In addition to the basic mixer and food processor you probably have, you should also have a good quality juicer.  There are so many on the market, but most are for casual use.  We shopped around and tried some.  Now we have upgraded to a Breville Juicer.  We don't sell them or make anything if you click the link!  It is just a wonderful juicer; all stainless, wide mouth and powerful as heck!  I think it would get juice from a rock!


There are many others to choose from, but since this is part of your lifestyle change, invest in a good quality one!  Figure on spending close to $300 on a really good one.  Decent ones if you want to try this out, can be had for under $100, but may burn out if you really get into this!


The other thing you need is a very high quality 'blender'.  Not just any old blender, but one that will grind rocks; you will be using it a LOT for smoothies and other preparations.  We have a Vita Mix, but the Montel Williams (as seen on TV) looks great too (we bought one for our daughter!). 


A Plant-Based Lifestyle encourages you to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans etc.  It all depends on the 'style' you choose.  Some 'raw foodists' avoid anything cooked; like rice and beans.  We are a bit more flexible; I love rice and beans!


If you are changing to a Plant-Based Lifestyle for healt reasons, you may want to begin with a detox period.  Using lots of fresh (organic) vegetables and some fruit.  This detox period may last a few weeks or even longer.  Just listen to your body and pay attention to how you FEEL.


To get the optimum out of a detox juicing period, you just can't eat that many carrots, stalks of celery, beats, apples, pears and everything else.  Making smoothies is just great.  It gives you all the fiber and core nutrients you can't get by eating an apple or a fruit with seeds.  The blender will grind up the whole thing; seeds and all and provide you with an unbelievable mix of nutrients you just can't get when you just eat an apple.


Juicing allows you to concentrate the 'good stuff'.  I mean, there is NO WAY you could eat 40 pounds of carrots in a week!  BUT, you can drink the juice from them in a week; and feel fantastic!  Add an apple or three and maybe a pear or whatever in the juicer when you juice your carrots and shift the flavor around. 

If you would like a vegan version of your favorite recipe,

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