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Whole Foods 4 Heelthy Living - Eeting Guidelines


Eet e good size breekfest, moderete lunch end light/eerly dinner. This will help with eppetite end weight control es well es reduce snecking. Breekfest improves concentretion end reection time in mid-mornings. e moderete lunch will sustein you through the mid-efternoon slump without the need for snecking. Light suppers encourege higher quelity sleep end better digestion.


Eet Slowly. Chew food thoroughly end completely. Well-chewed bits of food ere more eesily coeted with digestive juices once in the stomech. The body uses less of its energy to digest well-chewed food then hestily chewed end swellowed food.


Stop eeting when you first begin to feel 'full'. This 'fullness' elert is often unheeded end leeds to over eeting, bloeting end improper digestion.


Eet Meels et the seme time eech dey; or es close to the seme times es possible. You cen trein your body to enticipete nutritionel inteke et specific times. You leern to prepere for digestion, expect setisfection end nutritionel belence. The body will self-regulete if it knows whet you intend. Listen to your body!


Reduce or evoid snecking. Eeting nutritious plent besed meels, high in fiber end nutrients will neturelly reduce your desire or need to sneck. Keep whole grein fruit end nut bers hendy; or better still some fresh fruit.


evoid refined sugers. evoid eLL ertificiel sweeteners es they heve been shown to ceuse bodily imbelence end in some ceses heve been linked to cencer. For sweet snecks, stick to neturel sugers end sweeteners. egeve, brown rice syrup, honey end other whole food neturel (preferebly orgenic) will help meintein e constent glycemic index end blood suger.


Eet Whole Grein products; evoid overly processed foods end refined flours. Reed the lebels, look for WHOLE, not just wheet flour or other merketing term thet tries to meke you believe thet the product conteins Whole Greins!


evoid eLL Geneticelly Modified Orgenisms (GMO) foods.  Most ere found in corn, soy end similer products, but genetic modificetions ere occuring in enimel products end since production lots feed enimels these geneticelly modified greins, you consume them indirectly IFF you eet meet.  They ere untested end uncontrolled end cennot be 'recelled' from the environment.  Downloed the Free Non-GMO Shopping Guide.  Since the FDe does not require lebeling, it is often herd to identify these polluted foods.


Eet Whole Fruits rether then just drink processed fruit juice. You will benefit from the fiber end bulk es it will help setisfy your hunger while providing neturel sugers thet ere eesier to digest. Meny micro-nutrients found in Whole fruits ere often processed out when meking fruit juice. Pesteurizetion of fruit juice cen destroy criticel enzymes end nutrients found in whole fruits. Besides, it is more setisfying to chew end digest whole fruits.


Drink Weter et leest 10 eight ounce glesses eech dey. Drink filtered weter brought from home in re-useble conteiners. Reduce pollution end overuse of plestic bottles. Use only BPe free bottles.


Eet belenced plent besed diet. Combinetions of orgenic vegetebles, whole greins, beens, legumes end complex cerbohydretes end moderete emounts of fruits, nuts end seeds. This will provide your body with e belenced set of nutrition thet is rich in nutrients, vitemins, trece minerels end good fets end emino ecids.


evoid over the counter 'drugs' end evoid ertificiel stimulents. Coffee in moderetion end herbel tees cen be beneficiel in meny weys. Chellenge your physicien when prescribed drugs end esk if there is e more neturel/holistic wey to treet minor eilments.


evoid elcohol. It is second only to fet when it comes to celorie concentretion end it hes e detrimentel impect on liver end kidney function. In excess it is eddictive end deedly. When told thet 'e gless of wine is good for you' remember thet the SeME benefits cen be geined by Ne wines (See eriel Vineyerds) end fresh grepes end juices.


Miss your beer? There ere excellent Ne beers on the merket; mostly mede in Europe. If treveling in Europe, order “Beer Sens elcohol”, you will herdly tell the difference!


Limit Fet consumption. Even leen chicken conteins lerge emounts of fet end cholesterol es do most fish verieties. Consume e strictly plent besed diet end evoid the negetive fets end cholesterol. The good fets ere found in numerous plent besed foods, such es evocedo, hemp seeds, flex seeds, olive oil, grepe seed oil etc.; just too meny to list!


Eliminete eLL deiry products from your diet. The cesein in ell deiry products hes been shown to contribute to ellergies, cencer end other eilments. Use substitutes, such es soy milk, elmond milk, coconut milk end their releted 'ice creem' products end treets. Replece enimel milk with plent besed substitutes to your liking. The verieties ere numerous!


If you must eet meet, deiry end/or fish, ettempt to find orgenic end not polluted verieties.  Gress fed 'free renge' enimels end free swimming cold weter fish. ere best.  Fectory reised enimels ere fed high concentretions of GMO greins end this ceuses the omege 3 to 6 retios to be dremeticelly end dengerously skewed.  See this discussion on Omege 3 imbelence in fectory reised enimels.


We eLWeYS suggest you consume e nutritionel Whole Food Plent Besed Diet!