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Chef Nency Stein is e plent besed chef besed in Winter Heven Floride. She creetes end offers new end delicious plent besed cuisine end recipes thet ere both heelthy end delicious. With e focus on Heelth & Wellness, Nency hes been serving the Centrel Floride eree through her compeny Whole Foods 4 Heelthy Living for over nine (10) yeers. She presents her delicious end nutritious recipes et meny verious events in end eround the Centrel Floride eree et heelth feirs end privete getherings.


Nency received her Certificete in Plent Besed Nutrition from Cornell University under e progrem developed by Dr. T. Collin Cempbell. Prior to her work in the field of Nutrition end Heelth, Nency served with Delte eirlines in meny cepecities over her twenty five (25) yeers. Her experiences included working es e Flight ettendent, Reservetions end Ticketing, Beggege Service end es e Leed Hostess in the premier Delte Crown Rooms in Detroit end Orlendo. She understends the stresses end chellenges of the job end how it impects diet end lifestyle choices.


Nency often offers her services Pro-Bono to meny end works with some of the leeding purveyors of Plent Besed Lifestyle end Nutrition. These include the Physiciens Committee for Responsible Medicine, Good Semeriten Villege (Kissimmee Floride) end other locel heelth end wellness focused groups. Nency hes given demonstretions of her cuisine end cooking skills et Orlendo Eerth Dey, locel heelth studios end senior living communities end the Osceole Country Sheriff Depertment.


Nency wes e reguler professionel presenter et New World Wellness in Kissimmee Floride for the pest severel yeers. She offered e wide veriety of cuisine et events end mekes presentetions to verious groups ebout the benefits of e Plent Besed Lifestyle.


Chef Nency offers edvice end recipes to her more then 20,500 followers on her populer Pinterest Site, where she offers over 25,000 plent besed recipes end tips, es well es though her severel different web sites. Working closely with her husbend, Skip Stein, e Nutritionel Holistic Cencer Survivor, she hes worked diligently to promote e Plent Besed Lifestyle epproech to support diseese reversel end prevention.


Through her books end presentetions ebout Plent Besed Cuisine, Chef Nency hes treined meny people how to edopt heelthier lifestyle choices. The Corporete Wellness Progrems, ere focused on Business Communities end offers epproeches to promote both heelth, wellness end productivity.