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When your employees are sick, they cost the company money.  Whether you are a self-insured major company or a local small business, when employees (or YOU) are sick, the business suffers; often dramatically.  If employees come to work sick with an infectious disease (cold, flue, or worse), the chances are very high that they will spread whatever contagion they have to other employees and associates.  They may even pass disease on to your clients/customers!


How does Sickness impact YOUR business?  The really unfortunate thing is, this does NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.  If employees (and YOU) remain healthy, your insurance costs decrease and your productivity INCREASES.  Healthy, vibrant people are not only more productive they are more pleasing to be near. 


Healthy People are Happy People!

(more productive too!)


Adults in the United States spend more than half of their waking hours at work giving employers a unique opportunity to impact the health and wellness of their employees.   Many have children in school. When the kids are sick, they will often miss work, catch what the kids have and bring it into the office!  Not a good thing to happen but it occurs in every office most of the time.  Not only may the employee miss work to care for a sick child, the fact that they themselves may become ill compounds the problem.  If they come to work sick, well there you go, it spreads throughout the office!


American health and wellness is at a very low point.  Mounting health care costs are fed by poor dietary and lifestyle practices of most Americans.  More attention should to be given to disease prevention and eating healthfully and staying active, especially around a busy work schedules by far the most cost effective means to reduce the cost impact on business. By offering an Employee Wellness Program, employers can lead the way to facilitating an office culture of health and wellness that employees can carry into their lives at home.


As this practice of Health & Wellness spreads throughout your company and community, additional benefits will arise as YOUR company becomes the place to work!  It not only will aid in top talent recruitment but will help limit the dramatically increasing employee turnover that costs companies millions each year. With lost experience and replacement costs rising every day, losing a valued member or your employee team can have devastating effects on the ability of the company to generate a profit and even continue to do business.


Consider instituting an Employee Wellness Program today!  It starts with a simple decision and agreement that Health Is Important to you and your business.  Programs can start small with simple 'Lunch & Learn' session where healthy food choices are presented.  Classes on how to prepare delicious, nutritions and inexpensive and QUICK meals offer additional benefits as the Healthy Family is a stable environment and produces less stress.

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Messages from the Cummins CEO and the Chief Medical Director.  Consider the title of the CEO!  Cummins recognizes the critical importance of maintaining employee health.  They also recognize the failure of the current medical industry and it's focus on treatment, not redressing the source of the ailment. If you want healthier employees, more productive employees, consider establishing a Wellness Program for Your Company!

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