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HIPPOCRATES ~ 10 Rules to Live By



Hippocrates was a Greek Nutritionist, Physician and Surgeon who lived from approximately 460 B.C. until around 370 B.C. He is considered “The Father of Medicine” and is credited as being the first physician who believed that diseases were not caused by superstition or gods, but rather that diseases had natural causes.


Hippocrates beliefs were designed and completely laid out over 2500 years ago as ten rules. Western medicine and many western lifestyles seem to have disregarded and strayed from these rules. These are the same rules used to develop the Hippocratic oath taken by all doctors.


Based on this most 'medical doctors' should turn in their licenses and hang their heads in shame. They have become pill dispensers, hot healers. When they do 'treat' patients, it is not to CURE them but to maintain them on an addictive therapy of office visits, drugs and other treatments that increase costs to the entire Healthcare System.  Ignoring nutrition as a major component in Health & Wellness is bordering on criminal!


“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” ~ Hippocrates



































THE NATURAL WAY IS THE ONLY WAY! This should be an obvious medical pursuit, according to Mother Nature and Hippocrates.


TREAT THE CAUSE OF AN ILLNESS, NOT THE SYMPTOM! Modern synthetic drugs just mask the illness, but never deal with the origin.


LOOK TO THE SPINE FOR ILLNESSES! Hippocrates strongly suggested this which relates to modern day Chiropractic treatment.


THROW AWAY YOUR DRUGS AND HEAL THE PEOPLE WITH FOOD! Food is medicine medicine is food. Hippocrates knew that food had health giving qualities now known as Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.


MOST ILLNESS CAN BE PREVENTED BY EATING NATURAL FOODS! The majority of foods that Americans consume are processed, refined, overcooked, full of chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients, xenohormones, antibiotics, and grown in mineral depleted soil.


A HEALTHY COLON IS ESSENTIAL! The U.S. Government reports that colon problems are dramatically increasing in America.


DO NOT ADMINISTER DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL MEDICATIONS! The F.D.A. admits that prescription drugs kill 50,000 350,000 people a year in America.  And doctors are complicit, knowingly prescribing drugs that often have worse side effects than the disease they are 'treating'.


DO NO HARM TO YOUR PATIENTS! The New England Journal of Medicine reports that the end result of most drug therapy is harmful side effects.  Needless surgeries for hear disease and cancer create debilitating harm to the patient's body; often leading to further complications and death.


DO NOT PERFORM SURGERY FOR MONEY! The U.S. Government reports that 75% of all surgeries in this country are unnecessary.  The first thing doctors want to do is to cut you open, ply you with drugs with harmfull side effects and keep you hooked on the 'treatment' for the rest of your life.  There is NO attempt to CURE.


THE WORD PROTEIN MEANS MOST IMPORTANT! Hippocrates named protein as the most essential food we should consume, as the greater percentage of our bodies are comprised of it.  Most people are obsessed with eating animal protein and are ignorant of the beneficial effects of Plant Protein!