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We have read many blogs, newsletters and articles that talk about how difficult it is to become and STAY with a Plant Based, Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle. There is so much miss-information floating about how Plant Based Lifestyle somehow misses out on delicious meals/food/cuisine.  A properly assembled and prepared Plant Based Meal contains all the protein, healthy omegas, iodine, and various other nutrients. Yes, there are junk food junkies and there are vegan junk food junkies.  You just have to use your head and get into the kitchen!


Being Plant Based, Vegan or Vegetarian means we don't eat animal products; vegans go a bit farther and don't use animal derived products of any kind. You can avoid these products and be vegan and still eat processed junk food, fast foods (salads with fatty dressings). What you need to understand that being Vegan or Vegetarian is really a lifestyle that includes Whole Foods plant based nutrition. PLANT BASED, not junk and processed food based!


A fully rounded and infinitely varied plant based nutritional base of food is so delicious and wonderfully entertaining you will never get bored. Not like you often might by the same old chicken breast, bit of salmon or other meat dish. Most Americans living on the Standard American Diet (SAD) tend to be repetitive (eating at McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch every day), having the same limited selection when eating at home (mostly fast food prepared in the microwave).


Well being Vegan (we will drop the Vegetarian bit because frankly we just don't approve of dairy products, fish or other vegetarian variations) is very easy once you get the hang of it. Like anything else, if it is worth doing it is worth doing RIGHT and oftentimes, this takes a bit of effort. Yes, some research, maybe a cooking class or three, interacting with the local Health and Wellness community and a modification of your eating/shopping habits.


You must learn to read the labels. Subscribe or obtain some healthy shopping guides. Avoid genetically modified foods (GMO/GE) as they are totally untested and recently have been found to exacerbate the environmental impact by producing super-bugs and super-weeds.


Well we have created this web site to be informative and provide some education and referential information sources to aid you on your way to veganize your life. Get healthier and more energized by catering to your own body's needs to create an environment of Health and Wellness.


To this end, we are now offering a new service. If you have a favorite recipe, send it to us and we will 'veganize' it for you! For now, until we assess the burden this extra effort will generate on our already busy chef, it will be free; for a time.


To 'veganize' your favorite recipe, or to just challenge our chef, send your favorite recipe (doesn't matter what it is) to us and we will research, substitute and otherwise veganize your dish. We will also bet you that it will taste BETTER than ever. We do reserve the right to publish both your recipe and our veganized version as an educational aid to our visitors and our clients.


We request a small $5.00 donation to help offset some of our expenses.  We will accompany your veganized recipe with a PayPal invoice.

Email your recipe to  [email protected]