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Reasons to Avoid Animal Diary and Dairy Products

There are many reasons to avoid animal dairy, especially animal dairy based cheese and we will provide just a few.  Cheese is pretty addictive and can be the single biggest reason why people just can't go fully on a Plant Based Diet.  There is even a special term for it: Lacto-Vegetarian.  These folks avoid all animal products except for those made from animal dairy excretions. While these are terrific if you are a calf, baby goat or other animal.  Human milk is fantastic for human babies and cow's milk is great for calfs but crossing over; not so much.

Here are a few reasons to avoid dairy:


How do you think they keep cows producing milk long after a calf is weaned and the animal would naturally stop producing milk (just like human mothers do)?  They pump the animals full of estrogen/hormones to keep them lactating and lactating a LOT.  Do you want to consume these?  These hormones may be linked to breast cancer in women and even prostate cancer in men.


Most dairy cows live in confined spaces.  They roam free until they first become pregnant then are confined in stalls for the remainder of their lives.  Sure there are some more human and 'grass fed' dairy operations but very few and far between.  Because of this crowding, the animals are more susceptible to disease and so the farmers pump them full of anti-biotics to prevent disease.  This then passes into the milk that you purchase in the grocery store and adds to the ineffectiveness of antibiotics and the advent of 'super-bugs'.


Sure, Luis Pasture had a grate procedures and it has saved millions of lives but it also destroys potentially good enzymes, proteins and vitamins.  While this may be a good reason to seek out 'raw milk' we still do not recommend it.


All the commercials tell you to 'drink milk' to get calcium for strong bones, but why are these countries whose citizens consume the MOST DAIRY have the HIGHEST incidence of osteoporosis?  Because the calcium in animal milk is not readily 'bio-available' to your system as is calcium from other (plant) sources.  Animal dairy consumption is also acid forming and may cause your body to actually take calcium from your bones to balance the acid/alkaline natural balance in your body!


Have you heard of 'lactose intolerance in friends or family?  This is the inability of a person to digest animal dairy products correctly.  This does not occur from non-dairy, plant based 'ice cream, 'cheese', 'butter' and other plant based products. While readily available few stores stock many or much variety.  You can make them ALL yourself; just listen in our class!


Heart Disease and many others have been linked to high animal fat consumption and animal milk, animal dairy, animal butter and animal ice-cream all have very high saturated fat content.  Casein, the protein component in animal products has been linked to cancer in several test studies, including the China Study by T. Collin Campbell.


Animal products contain NO FIBER.  Especially true of animal dairy and related products.  So all the fat, cholesterol and protein consumed with animal dairy products often just sits and spoils in your gut with no fiber to keep it moving though your digestive system.  This often results in constipation, acid reflux and other ailments.

Weight Gain

Well we all know that cheese if fattening.  Animal diary based cheese has no fiber so it does not move out of your system.  High in fat and calories, it often goes straight to your waistline!  While vegan cheese also has calories, it also have fiber to help it move and often is less fattening.